Putnam Leasing prides itself on being service-oriented and will prove a valuable resource for dealers with our custom-tailored, creative financing to suit any business and cash flow considerations.

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Putnam’s Lease-to-Own Plan offers the flexibility of balloon financing with the tax advantages of leasing. Our programs are cost-effective for people who change cars frequently and those planning to purchase the car at the end of the term.

  • Funding – Payment is sent overnight to the dealership upon receipt of properly executed leases, billing documents and correct certificate of insurance.
  • Eligible Vehicles – All classic, exotic, luxury and sports cars will be considered regardless of age, including certain vintage race cars.
  • Lease Contracts – We will overnight or DocuSign © (if applicable) all necessary lease documents directly to customer or to the dealership.
  • Approvals – We are skilled at analyzing credit information and can give a conditional approval from 1 to 2 hours in many cases.
  • Early Termination – Lessees can terminate their lease without penalty. We calculate the balance owed and subtract an unearned finance charge discount for early termination.
  • Customer Retention – All lease vehicles are titled in the name of Putnam Leasing Co. and we guarantee notification when your client is considering trading or selling their vehicle.
  • Credit Evaluation – We process each and every transaction individually and are prepared to work with both the customer and the dealer to get an approval.

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